Or... How I learned to stop worrying and Solved Time

#1: Use Force

Einstein said there is no absolute space; space is an extension of matter. Space and empty space is not the same thing. Space is not primary, nor fundamental, it does not exist by itself, and it is a product, just as matter and time are products. Space/energy is dynamic, it tells matter where to go and matter tells it how to curve. Empty void/ space, on the other hand, is primary, non-derivable. There is flat empty space, and then there is curved space-time, or what is known as the observable universe. Einstein’s The void of outer space is the seat to an all-relating process, which he called space-time.

A delightful fiction, but I’d certainly like to hear (from someone with ideas about such… matters) about why that fiction is any more or less “accurate” than the notion that the actual seat or fundamental canvas is an amalgamated “solid-state” (absolutely for lack of a better term) of Matter/Energy/[Consciousness], and that the VOID is a disruption to the oneness of is-ness (BEING) dividing and separating it, damaging it, into various waves, particles, or “states” (meaning here not liquid, etc. but properties like charm, charge, amplitude, etc.) In the wounding, this brutal separation and expansion, there are still forces that act as healing mechanisms.

These would comprise, but not be necessarily limited to:

  • Electro-Magnetic
  • Gravitation
  • Strong and Weak Nuclear Forces
  • Consciousness (?!)

Still question-marked and up for debate, consciousness could potentially play the role of an anti-entropic force (currently, it’s only certified station is that of ‘expression’ of ordered energy). It may fall incumbent, duty-bound and exclamated upon the collective hosted consciousness in the Human Intelligence Mesh (I am truly not looking to frustrate herstorians, my flopping upon this was haphazard, but I do appreciate the callback to centuries of a masculine divinity [which was, at its core, innately false on most levels, save for the idea of collective one-ness])–(hosted by “circuitry” and assisted by AI) to create and model additional forces that would “repair” or “cure” the VOID, bring Is-ness wherein non-existence had lonely lay.

Now Einstein may have expressed it better (and certainly more accurately through formulae in lieu of words), but if possible, I’d like better layman’s terms. At least before the Great Upload, or Rapture. (Some tomatoes, some potatoes.)

#2: Shift Perspective

Different strata tend to have different observational qualities, so there is a shifting perceptual yin-yang in the struggle of BEING vs. NON-BEING. 

#3: Deny Duality

What is non-existence? What is VOID? By assigning a spacetime narrative to emptiness, bounding it and identifying it, we deny it its foundational criminality. It has become something. I don’t advocate for this premise, as it seems more akin to a denial stage than a utilitarian one, but anything that frees anxiety from the psyche is well-admitted. It is not unfamiliar to atheists (or semi-rational deists who defy Heaven) who believe their bonnie returns to a state of biological oneness in the universe, and their minds, thoughts and ideas continue to influence (albeit incognito for most) the forward stream of human consciousness. It imbues the non-existence (and for our consciousness, the imperiled non-existence of the entire cosmos) of our character and essence 

#4: Hot Nothing

There’s some current speculation that even in spacetime reaches we consider VOID, there is still some gurgling energy that materializes and occasionally discharges (presumed by me to be something akin to an escaping electron at the event horizon of a black hole). Creating and destroying, as if matterenergy from another imperceptible dimension are pimpling through.

#5: Can’t We Just Be Friends?

Strike a balance. Understand that matter and life, as it is currently expressed in our sphere of perception, couldn’t exist without the Void. Even if matter, energy, and consciousness (or some yet unperceived dense collection of anti-entropic force) do have some ecstatic unified state, there is outstanding properties of this segregated and separated scenario, even if it ultimate needs to be ‘cured.’ But before the cure, the protection and maintenance of this degree of balance provides chance and necessity to the cosmos, and yields extraordinary fruit and uniqueness. Individual components that contribute variety to the nature of existence writ large.

#6: Nihilism+

If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em. This is only for those considering biocide or are themselves a nihilic (addicted to nothingness). I’m not sure why you’re reading this (if you truly believed and begged for voidance, you’ve probably already bid farewell [or more likely threw a middle finger goodbye]), unless you are actually biocidal and looking for ways to eradicate all matter and energy in the cosmos, or at least seriously limit its reach and impact. In which case, you are truly anathema to every -and anything every- and anyone cherishes; in fact to the very notion of cherishing. But also to the notion of hatred or biocide. So I’m betting you can’t actually exist in this timeframe of understanding. I really should strike this helpful hint from the list.