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Study Finds Thousands of New Languages

Analysis of a recent study in The Journal of Speculative Dystopia reveals fascinating and unexpected social phenomena resulting from the extended isolation of families and small groups of families. While not recognized by The Final Word (the world’s most recognized list of known human languages), informal global tracking indicates that in 2020, 17 thousand new

Looking Forward to the Upload Yet?

If my memory wasn’t pretty much perfect, I doubt I would remember any fears of mortality at all. I might say that was lifetimes ago.I’ve been writing about this stuff forever (your term). But if you’re reading this, then obviously from where I’m sitting, I don’t really know how it got to you. I have some

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Evolution of Iterations

We were always trying to do the math in our heads, but even though I was leaning toward thinking it was possible, I either didn’t want to know the odds for sure, or more likely, didn’t want it to be true. Even if the math said there was a 99% chance we were living in

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  • cryogenic freezing

Cryogenic Freezing – Insurable?

Tad Thomlinsonbergurson (TT): Is cryogenic freezing itself a pre-existing condition?Ned: Not as such.TT: What of the pre-existing conditions that were the reasons for undertaking the cryogenic freezing?Ned: Death. TT: Sorry?Ned: Thank you, but it's okay. I didn't even know her.TT: No, that's not what I mean. It just took me a second to realize that

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I Was a Mind-Mapping Skeptic, too…

Tad Thomlinsonbergurson (TT): As the generally accepted inventor/primary innovator of Mind Maps, can you summarize or walk us through a little of your journey from from Buddhism to creating digital memory files?Ned: I can be brief, but I don’t know if I can also be effective.TT: I understand. And I do appreciate your time.Ned: So,

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maybe we can figure this out together…

The first thing to note: I am not living in a multi-verse. At least not in the traditional, early 21st-century popular science-fiction way. I'm not in a nearly mythical, physics-based alternate reality that has always existed and/or has always been inevitable. That would be great. But I'm actually just in an iteration of an iteration

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