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You Will Hate Teleportation

Maybe you can’t wait to snap your fingers and magically appear anyplace in the world. You think it would save time, create once-in-a-lifetime opportunities, allow infinite travel you never would have considered before.You think it will be so great to avoid fighting traffic on your commute? You’re going to be able to save up all

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  • So You Want to Live Forever?

You Really Want to Live Forever?

So we’re still living longer and longer (well, not in the U.S., but in most countries)… I’m not interested in writing about living forever from a global resource standpoint. I think there are about 200 films that already do that. But I’m still fascinated by how it might change the way people live their lives,

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Who Cares if We’re “Just” Software?

A post by guest writer, Ned, the subversive peanut.One of my favorite conversations these days is about the possibilities of building a computer strong enough to house the powers of the human brain or to house a simulation of reality (at least that part any one of us can experience at a given time). I’ve

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  • Silouette of person walks forward through electric doorways.

Memory Templates, A Brief History

NOTE: This is a direct copy of a piece I found in another iteration, one further along. By offering it here, I think I’m violating a few of the guidelines, but since I’m not trapped in one place anymore, I’m relatively safe from enforcement. At least I’m omitting the author information.The hastily marketed memory templates

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The Mage

You can't tell much about a person from just his shadow. Shadows hide all the details that might hint at age, wealth, fitness, disposition, or magical power. The people living near the great glacier-formed Wisconsin lake have told a tale about the Mage shadow under the great pier for as long as anyone can remember. Each

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  • Fiction - This Year's Queen

This Year’s Queen

The lighting is inconsistent throughout the rooms, shadows conceal many hallways and small doors, but it is clear to her that attendance is at capacity and the great festival is a smash hit again this year. Trying to keep to a shadow herself, she steals glances when any of her competition slides through light.

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  • Fiction - Tommy's First Love

Tommy’s First Love

“But that’s 27 days from now!” Tommy said, almost yelling at Katy through his phone. “I can’t do anything about it.” “But we can see each other one more time right now!” “My Dad is going to be here any minute to get me.” “So what!?” “Please Tommy. C’mon. You know he doesn’t even know

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