It bears incessant repeating. There is a magnificently overpowering will of human modern psyche stretching back long before the industrial and technological revolutions that wishes for responsibility of meaning and direction to be placed in the realm of some other entity. People believe they hear the words of God in brightly burning bullrushes, and see evidence of His intolerance in the grievous etchings on stone tablets never found, lost fossils to the logorithm of time. Since the dawn of the Age of Reason, and the idea of exalting the empircal, there is but one conclusion, after sifting through all of the evidence, both archaelogical and philosophical: That we have never been visited by intelligent extraterrestrial life, and that there is certainly no Godly overlord who has interacted with us. But belief! It is to the believers, as above that I ask you to posit a world without a God – just in case – what if your God doesn’t exist? What if your God exists and is malevolent, reveling in the turmoil of Man? Certainly your wretched Bible speaks of an infantile Overlord who brutally responds to mankind’s less than arduous devotion with a world-ravaging flood of destruction. So yes, fuck him. Seek solace elsewhere, inside the very mystery of existence. Of how one thing is and another is not. How objects and consciousness passes from one to the other in the eddies of time. Even with a pulse of possibilities that there is more intelligent life out there, our only evidence is that it does not exist. At all. We are the first, we are the One – the Champion of Everything. Everything that exists and has ever existed is relying on us to succeed and evolve in order to generate more “is”; compared to all other items within our ken, we are quite the bees knees; the ultimate Shiznit. So be it. We can bear this responsible with grace and adroit aplomb. In fact, we’ve generally been architected for this role as far as we can remember to trace in our societies and genetics. We cannot stop with a clap on our own back, but it also must create an imperative for our species to evolve and ascend.