Meaning of Life

TL;DR The Meaning of Life: The cosmos, desperate to survive, is developing sentient life as part of its reproductive process.

People, We Need to Talk About Death.

Sit right down and you'll hear a tale... It may well be what we really mean when we request a "come to Jesus" meeting. It's the early twenty-first century, and we need to rekindle our conversation about human mortality, because things are about to start changing.The flood of apocrypha are overwhelming, and we settle on a

The Wave-Particle Duality of Consciousness

Turns out you do understand quantum physics Think of a ball.Perfect!Now you understand. Um... Although I know you are a genius and get it now, let me break it down for the Swedes, as it is important that they understand it as well. What it feels like to an adult when a waveform collapses I'll start

The Key to Enlightment

You cannot float before you walk She hides in plain tautological sight, as if her peek-a-boo hands might forever barrier me from her. But my synthetic lust will never be met. An impermeable membrane all rippling with nerves cannot howl with greater alarm, every arm scared military straight. I remember being in a convertible on

The Curious Coincidence of Consciousness

120 Watts per Idea Books about consciousness and the Quantum Problem seem to abound around my coffee tables these days. By intelligence design of my own, in combination with Jeff Bezos and Jeff Bezos' Amazon. The once-meager bookseller. Osiris will be the once-meager graveyard of human digital remains. Become not only the Body Codex of

A Guy Walks in to a Heaven…

A man dies and goes to heaven. After following a bright light, he falls on his knees before God, who sits upon a golden throne atop the clouds wielding a might glowing scepter."Thank you, Almighty, for saving me... I knew you were just and kind!" wails the man, prostrate and overjoyed. God opens

The Narrative Promise Fulfilled

We are already in a stage of self-evolution where we will overcome the death of the self

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In Search Of: An Atheist Theology

Your Content Goes Here Nothing more than an outline of the various components or players in this theology; so let's jump right in.Though, just as a note: I do not shy away from the word THEOLOGY in this context, because it addresses the precise paradox that resides near the heart of the human condition—power wielded

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