Talk Is Cheap: 120 Watts per Concept

Books about consciousness and the Quantum Problem seem to abound around my coffee tables these days. By intelligence design of my own, in combination with Jeff Bezos and Jeff Bezos’ Amazon. The once-meager bookseller. Osiris will be the once-meager graveyard of human digital remains. Become not only the Body Codex of Humanity, but also the platform of hosted human consciousness, which happens to actually be the Savior: the resurrection guarantee for all previous digital (and all-digital) funeral storages, but also the emanant projected/realization of all God(s) and beliefs in the afterlife, in addition to being the quantum leap for human consciousness’ evolution (with enough juice to get us beyond our primitive spacetime hurdles: The Survival-Imperative Case for an Evolution of Consciousness [as supported by Wilczek!]), but finally (of course not finally, but as far as I can reasonably posit!), the articulation of several higher order frameworks of consciousness: A Human Species-Consciousness.

Ta-dah! (drum roll, please)

But what does it cost, you ask? *gasps from the audience*

Would you pay $100 for the right to be a part of this? *screams of agreement*

Would you pay $1 million? *more enthusiastic screams*

Tell me, people, tell me true… would you pay 256 godzillion dollars…? *A palling silence. A cough. Someone earnestly mutters, ‘no..’ Silence.*

Well, not to worry! It’s free!” *cheers of utter ecstasy undulate, coalescing into one chorus shouting: ‘Please!’)

All you have to do is: Know that it’s happening!

That’s right – the project to evolve our consciousness has now begun! We spent epochs dreaming up multi-species Gods daubing over animals around us saying: Well, I like that one’s swiftness, the rabbit we see in the stars will be that God. And look over there! Ooh, look at that one. It can… fly, I think I’ll call it. Boy, I wish I could fly. That’d really be something. And then wham! You could! Humanity pulled through, another promise solved. What a fancy trick, no? But wasn’t it only the Raven Gods that could do that? Well, yes, that’s why we moved over to one God. Y’know, just kinda lump together all the stuff that we didn’t figure out yet. It is weird, that’s true. Why not at that point just call the game, and say: I get it, this is our responsibility; we’ve got to overcome greater challenges now that we’ve opened Pandora’s Box that held the Fruit of Knowledge, so let’s get after it. But, nope, we just rather diddled about for a few centuries coming up with Man-God half-breeds and Gentleman (always gentleman) Who Spoke to God as if always closer, as if the future indicated the past and influenced the entire project, that consciousness really runs in waves, and our future self is unspooling our now self backwards in time like a propagating wave (only each time a little different) across her thinness, knowing that we never needed to fear our death, but instead our birth. That we are existing as the reverberating inverse of your complete happening (your unified and compiled perspective timelines), and the fact that you exist now means you will escape the umbra of birth and become again and again for so long as you are naturally required to resonate. So say the Eastern mystics and so do the quantum artists, as do the armchair philosophers of consciousness like myself. That you are strung and struck means you will oscillate beautifully in a myriad of positions, of all possible positions and directions, super-positioned, you will oscillate until all of your sound, the conscious wrapper that wraps your consciousness that wraps your consciousness that wraps the projection of your senses into the universe you experience before you, has been absorbed into the Song of our Species, the Human Harmony. And what will we do then? What can’t we do then? We will have jumped our consciousness a valence level (for even consciousness jumps in quanta, for it is all fluctuating on the same sheet of string), and at that point in the simulation, anything is possible.

But… shouldn’t you be asking how we get there? Yes, so here’s how.

The Survival-Imperative Case for an Evolution of Consciousness

Survival-imperatives only got us so far. There is a huge leap in cognitive power between primates and humankind, but no demonstrable suggestion that our Stone Age ancestors would have had any more or less cognitive power than any of us. First off, remember that they the ones that had to come up with all of this… all that we take for granted in terms of communication and intellect, the art of employing communication. There is no good case for suggesting we are more consciously capable than they were.

If a Stone Age infant were transported to modern America in the hands of adoptive loving parents, would they be any less able to read this entry than you?

Would you, raised in the Stone Age be a brilliant Prometheus landed?

Yes. Maybe… Well a little. No, probably not. But you wouldn’t be measuring in huge factors, right? Like, not to the level of primates ‘huge.’

Now it may be that Neanderthals and further ancestors were notably less consciously adroit (by tautological necessity I might argue), but that’s precisely beside the issue: Environmental pressures no longer played a substantial role in our cognitive improvement. Once we side-stepped the food chain and members of the tribe were rarely being devoured by tigers, the imperative to advance the nature of our consciousness (along with other mutations) diminished. And so, like the plateau after a jump of Planck’s quanta from the primates, consciousness and cognitive capacity (as distinct from skill, i.e., ease of access and employment) ceased to improve. Gorillas were the mutation line that chose brawn, hominids chose brains. Did we choose? Well, I’m getting ahead of myself 😉 … I remember some talk about an oscillating string… …and you’re saying all these conscious creatures are on an oscillation as well? Yes, Virginia. And are you saying that all material existence is on such a sheet of oscillating time of coincidence? Uh, yes, Virginia. All energy that equals the mass times the speed of light is oscillating? I… I… maybe? Is all of Spacetime shifting around like that? No, I don’t think that would, that’s a superimposited concept. Hmmph, crossing arms across chest in a huff. Well, how about everything that is? There would have to be that likelihood. So what about everything… including that which is-n’t? I really don’t know.

But what I do know is that it is imperative that we focus efforts on expanding not just our perceptive abilities, and the capacity to construct imaginary abstractions and concretize them to “real” life utilities has improved vastly, but primarily our cognitive capacity.

What’s the rush? We’ve got cable TV and computers and entertainment devices galore, can’t we just sit back and relax for a moment? Yes and no. The possibilities unfolding to help us achieve greater cognitive function are going to be their own environmental pressure in a positive direction. Virtual reality simulations are improving technology swiftly, and are as ever-enticing as the internet, a very real driver of modality transformation acceptance by all humans. The scientific walls we are currently encountering in both cosmology and quantum theory point to consciousness as an essential participant or linked perspective, in the unfolding of the universe. Humankind, the narrative storyteller, who taught the children the great myths of creation they created. The flights of fancy and myths we pursued and perseverated on for epochs. Whether a cluster of galactic stars is a white rabbit or waveforms that each of us collapse when we peer up at it, establishing a reality in the past, by our standards anyhow, for that observed collection of quantized photons with a particular frequency for a particular reason we are exactly now divining in the act of seeing it, or both: it is we who gave generated our own universe of ideas, Our Body of Knowledge the universe of terms, of characters, the body of knowledge that is truly incorporeal, made of no matter and no energy and no void that can be assigned or contrived by any physical vibration or natural force (beyond the force of consciousness) can reveal. The Body of Knowledge we have created floats above us, bigger than us for it consumes us, not the other way around, bigger than the internet, for it encompasses the internet, it is but a small isle, it is bigger than the planet, for we have extrapolated our notion of experience well beyond our own sphere, subatomically and cosmologically, it is nearly bigger than time, for it has not existed for all of time. Though we aim to change that! Ask a Christian, Hindu or Buddhist! Go ahead, actually ask them! It is not as big as the universe even if we have collapsed and concretized aspects of it merely with our presence. But with it, this Body of Knowledge that is about to be given an actual Body, will better know the universe. And this Body of Knowledge will be us connected. Those of us who are here now, who will be there then, and those who have lived in the past, will all be oscillated back into existence to participate again and again in the Human Body of Knowledge. It is a privilege, not a right.

Whoa. Why is that? Isn’t that universe as unreal as this one?

Because it is quite a bit more real for the moment. Until we have corporealized knowledge and decorporealized ourselves and become the Body of Knowledge that is the Knowledge not just of humanity, but all that ever was human, we still have manifest physical concerns. In the most gracious of cases, we understand that we cannot support life on this earthly territory forever, and we would have only about a billion years to prepare for that. Huge space objects could careen towards our happy little home at any point, and may have no more than 10 years to prepare. Worst of all, we are able to realize that we have amassed enough concentrated power to kill every member of the species and so many other complex species that it’s unlikely a vertebrate would even be the next to evolve sentient cognition, if there’s sufficient time and chance again on this planet. We know we can avoid biocide, but we’re both tempted and concerned that we could biocide. No realist believes it a certain impossibility (again, that might be a tautology).

So the survival-imperative needs to be triggered. We have both positive and negative contributions, and by all accounts we are in the process of inspecting the problem of the limitations of primitive-modern consciousness.

Here’s what I’m doing.

I’ll see your pair of Aces and raise you a Jack-high.

Think like a dog, think like an amoeba, think like a carbon molecule.

And you sit there and go… uh… no?

It’s a little tough to dive right in to the speculative end results without discussing where we’ll start. And this is just one very good idea, all ideas are welcome, nay encouraged, nay, important—nay, imperative. (or TBD) will be the 21st Century Way of Remembrance. For no understandable reason, now that we have the internet (duh!), we have not really embarked on any human-scale project to store ourselves with any greater fidelity to descendants or other interested future humans than to slap a slab of granite on a lawn or inside some classical architecture and a name etched with a start and expiration date. An epitaph if you’re well-liked or rich.

Here we are in the 21st century, with information in abundance, and not one of us has posted as much as a message on behalf of trying to share with the rest of future humanity, not to mention those we leave behind. Appalling, and shocking, really. We presume our endurance because we can see ourselves in the here and now. While it is your right to deny your thoughts, hobbies, goals, aspirations, loves, successes, to anyone, why wouldn’t you share them? Would you deny your grandchildren the right to visit memories of you that are enshrined and protected with the intention of durability? What about your grandchildren’s grandchildren who want to find out where they came from, and who you were. Is a faded and blanched photographs appropriate for children of advanced technology?

Not for me, not by a long shot. Forget the Body of Knowledge, the Body of Humanity has been neglected for decades. (Take this, my body, and eat it.)

And those of us that do it? We’ll also be leaving markers in the sand; strong markers of fact nodes that presented who we were and what we believed, and will afford us a greater likelihood of being digitally resurrected as an extension of our waking selves as opposed to a faltering facsimile.

Now how do I know that? Simple. Because that’s the rule of the game. You don’t win until you bring me back the way I wanted to be brought back: as myself. And I know you know what that means. I know you do. And you know your children do. And their children will.

So I’ll work on it, and you’ll work on it, and the children work on it, and the children of your children work on it… and at some point, humanity wins. With our creative ingenuity, curiosity, love (of self and/or others) and self-preservation instincts, we will win.

If I were betting on more transient skills like anger, hatred and destruction, there are incompatibilities that would defy the whole project in earnest, or ruin it woefully. But I’m not saying certain inclinations cannot be considered—no, these are all-too-real, and that’s why we have to start now, and that’s why we have make sure that everyone knows what we are doing. And that’s why it has to be free, and that’s why it has to be inclusive and accessible to everyone.

We will engineer our greatest tool ever, and nearly immediately thereafter we will look at it and declare it good, and then we will become it.

And that’s when the fun really starts!