What Everlasting Life Means to You

Eternal, in any of these writings and contexts, is simply a forward-eternality unless explicitly described otherwise. There is no way for contemporary human consciousness to comprehend or rein the notion of an eternality of consciousness that extends into our perceived “past.” The implications injure not only notions of free-will, but the fundamental bio-machinery that affords us any perception or sense of existence.

If you claim otherwise that any of us can conceive of an all-encompassing “solidification” of Time, you are either a jerk, or you need to get in touch with me.

The rendering of eternal consciousness essentially requires, due to the limitations of our own potential to conceptualize, the solution of Time, and most likely Spacetime. And the outcomes of that inevitability are fundamentally incomprehensible in anything other than wild and delightful speculation—speculation being, of course, the greatest human pastime thus far. Our bio-hardware is incompatible with the full digestion of the notion, and to me, that’s why evolution is imperative.

The death of the planet, and the intervening demonstrable loss of perceived and perceptible information begs the urgency. We are perceptive enough to render a prediction with a level of belief nearing abject certainty (a catchy, but problematic word, I admit) that our terrestrial home will become fully inhospitable to any form of “known” life (‘known’ here is not throwaway, it is critical to accepting where we stand empirically in this phase of species-development) in 5 billion years when our local sun red-giants us, slagging anything that approximates biology. As far as we “know,” as far as every shred of evidence we’ve been able to collect scientifically demandshumanity is far and away the best chance at preserving even the simplest strand of this planet’s biological history. It is also extremely hard to imagine that, taken to task, given five billion years of technological development (which, aside from local hiccups and sharting backslides, has been a clearly progressive, accreting process that embeds within each new ‘discovery’ the remnants of all previous conscious ‘discoveries’… technology is an ever-burgeoning adaptation of environment to human needs and wants, the proverbial ) what can’t the human animal and its descendants accomplish? Is your personal creativity so lacking or pessimistic to realize that anything we can currently conceive of (and later, I will investigate this as the illumination of human mythos and narrative) cannot be accomplished by then?! At the very least, with survival instincts collaborating with our ingenuity complex, we will have found a way to exempt ourselves to some extent, and probably many, many forms of life and matter (energy seems to innately demonstrate its own path out), from this impending peril. (Admittedly, energy is the guy to bet on, but if we construct ourselves into ordered energy—watch out! Now we’re cooking with gas!)

My friend Morgan shared: It isn’t the storage of data that is expensive (costly in energy terms), but its erasure. It’s a profound statement that spawns several vectors, but here, I am positing that the evidentiary requirement of human logic, and the jurisprudence of True over False (with recognition that the False bears witness to Fiction, and therefore the myths of the False are both cautionary tales and a thrilling invitations to alteration and demonstrable change), and that the more data we fail to store and leave ripe for erasure, the further we hamstring our future selves and descendants.

For all I know, all of our collected re-invitations to consciousness are all critical to prove a some foundationally important theorem about how to heal the universe into a uni-verse once again (as opposed to a ‘chaotic’ but cold collection of deposits, minerals and chemical), and solve Time.

Buy it or don’t buy it, but what is key, and nearly inevitable, is that the data that does its best to define our consciousnesses will be useful, and it will be used in the service of our species. We’re not capable of continuing on indefinitely as our angry and petty identities, raised on conflict, malice, and scapegoated ‘others’ to fight the real psycho-biological fears of loneliness, isolation, judgment, rejection or death.

Our footprints will be those of God’s on the lonely beach, a companionate compendium of information that will come about to restore IS-NESS in the  final abolishment of Time and Space.*


Seriously, Fuck you, Spacetime. Your void properties are a predatory disease on BEING, where these poor bits of matter are strewn, isolated and separated, striving and yearning, against all odds through gravitational and nuclear forces and yes, human consciousness, to unify.


Proud to be human