Explain to me again why you wrote this?

What answers does modern religion truly have? Even if you were to cram God in the quark, what exactly do you gain by doing that? What are you elucidating that isn’t otherwise directly available to human evaluation through mathematics and physics? Is it just a sexy facade that recognizes the cache of history? Okay, while charming and cute, it is nothing more than homage, there is no intrinsic problem-solving any longer. It’s not like someone said, Oh, God changes the colors of quarks, and while someone /should/ say, okay, that’s interesting (hardly!), let me try and study that. But we’re all pretty aware that said study would come out with absolutely zero evidence that there is any metaphysical outcome. And if they did, well, hell, we’d pay attention real fast, because we just found intelligent life, or accidentally looked in a mirror without realizing it (which, honestly, is more likely the case, and in some ways the entirety of the case I’m making – while tautological, it seems to have never been a simple tautology taken as principal. So even if we didn’t study it, there would be no study that even accidentally implicated it. In analyzing the data, someone would find a consistency to spur further investigation into a HIGHER DESIGN concept. For the minute we found out how God speaks, we would finally be able to speak to God. So pursue technology. Let me repeat that. If, inside the atom, we find a mechanic that displays a comprehensible intelligence, then IT WOULD BE INCUMBENT UPON US to finally utter the name of God and address “Him.” Science would want that very much, I assure you. There is no incompatibility; only luddite fear and trembling of speaking the name of the Almighty is abject stupidity. What parent would not want their child to speak? What parent (aside from the Munchausen by Proxy Monster) would want to incapacitate their children, keeping them as dribbling idiots? It’s a fair possibility that melodramatically, forever the underdog—remember how you were victimized by isolation? How you didn’t fit it? Yeah, none of us did, we all were, we all reside inside the conch of our skull—we would have absent or abusive parents