One asked about the human need to enslave other humans. I think this traces back to some level of learned submission as the dominant trait, and some level of inclination of control as the opposite but equally dominant trait. Submission helps us get along in groups and communities that ensure our survival, and the dominant ego trait that leads that consolidation. And there seem to have been a lot of flip-flops in history. I think we are generally in an expansionist intellectual phase at the moment, given our investment in and reliance on technology to democratize the workforce/social network. It isn’t that the technologies wish to democratize, they wish to make a profit. But in order to reach consumers and drain their resources, they must rely on that subordinate mentality. (What would a social network look like, built on the ego self? Maybe it is Facebook, as it takes much control /away/ from the user). One of the first modern/noted moments in human history is the intellectual expansion that took place under the Greeks. The city/state, the democratic aims, but an intellectual flourish; philosophy emerges, and becomes a /discipline/ (word really effectively double-entendres here) that nourishes the human intellect and seeks to communalize the human experience through idea. But they could not defend their culture any longer, as their pursuit put too much time, emphasis and energy into “idly” intellectual. Then comes the Roman Empire, who thinks only of physical expansion, while still utilizing the minds of the day to invent better weapons; apparently Greeks would be the enslaved tutors to young Romans. The Romans knew that learning and knowledge would support their aims, but they did not exalt it, but exploited it. Another cycle of exploitation versus embrace. It is not strange that the Romans are known for no intellectual revolutions. And no surprise why Nero fiddled away his gentility and birthright. And yet still, the power really remained between a few, even if it was nothing of a democratic pursuit. The Greeks forgot their Grecian roots/routes, the great battles of the Iliad, the reliance on wit in war, the Trojan Horse, a magnificent ingenuity of strategy starting to beckon in the Rational Age. But they were indeed the Greeks inside their own Trojan Horse demise, as the fruits of their intellectual pursuits did not save them from the swing of the sword. The brain tingling with brilliance bashed in as beautifully as the imbecilic dolt. The matter that made us human fell prey to the eerily serpentine wiles of wisdom – take my apple, please! Henny Youngman whisks a bow across his violin strings, dreaming of Nero, and the tiny tornadoes of plumes, rummaging fire tossing belongings from hamlets in a perfidious manner, criminals rifling through desk drawers with latex gloves, spewing artifacts in a watery arc that the flames consume. Nero and Henny nod at one another. I am not worthy of this. I drank from the cup of infinite power (shit, fuck! That’s the other tree to which God alludes; He /said/ it was everlasting life, and that’s the infinite evolution of the self in a selfish world. I will clone myself into infinity, and I, un-aloned, will teem the universe with myself!), but it, too, was bitter, and lost my humanity in the drinking. So fate, take me now, for I surrender. And then Hitler popped a bullet in his brain clutching German Steel. But Trump, no, he was such a fool, he believes he deserved it. I once thought he wanted desperately only to punished, but never came upon BDSM, which would have really solved his issues without having to go this self-emulation/-immolation route. But here we are, and down in Mar-a-Lago, the buffoon-in-once-chief believing he is worthy of extincting the rest of us to replicate himself. Most of us, certainly I, think of themselves as far superior to his juvenile moral-lessness, would be more inclined to band together to end his riotous idiocy.