Humanism and Human Exceptionalism (ftw)

Nothing more than an outline of the various components or players in this theology; so let’s jump right in.

Though, just as a note: I do not shy away from the word THEOLOGY in this context, because it addresses the precise paradox that resides near the heart of the human condition—power wielded as dominance, and humility accepted as subordination. The systematic creation of “religion” and a related morality (code of ethics, code of conduct, social contract, socialization, congregational tendencies, how the individual acts in the presence of the species, guidance for the self-aware and contextually-aware) that does not, even according to the blatherers at Dick Munch Webster, require an omniscient, omnipotent, or even semi-potent deity or array of such fabrications. There can be religious ecstasy in the acceptance of Human Exceptionalism: its written and astounding historical successes and its inevitable incredible transformative potentiality. Devotion to the cause of EXISTENCE is so ingrained it is never recognized nor 

We do not fear the past, because even though we did not exist, we are confident and aware of at least two things: 1) That something existed, and for most timeframes that are pertinent to human conception, humans existed and 2) That the arc that brings us into existence is inevitable, and that each of us, individually, will be manifest.

What is far more chilling, of course, is the recognition of potential nullification that post-dates our time on “mother earth.” The vanishing of our independent identity is absolutely and concretely in contest and violation of our difficult to suppress desire to survive and endure. For the vast majority, procreation is an extremely effective palliative to the terror. On the cool heels of Western Civilization, we also tend to become more interested in lineage as we age beyond the point of direct utility, in the recognition that if we do not, we too will fade from the memories and imaginations of our successors if we do not leave behind sagas, oral or electronic. 

More historically, cultures have relied on graveyards, eddas for fanciful but pinpointed remembrances, and reincarnation and life-after-death mythologies for more cosmic anxiety.

Devotion to Human Exceptionalism can deliver a comfort that is both imaginable, rational and non-hystrionic. It delivers a near-certainty that the human species will transform itself and survive, as it has always done. It will become perennial and increasingly more capable of manipulating and altering the environment in which it resides, likely to the point of creating it (terra-genesis, Human-Artificial Intelligence network, et al?); in that manipulation of the environment, which may well at some point involve time, we ourselves are not completely outlandish to imagine and speculate that the power may one day exist to “resurrect” our current statuses to incorporate once again into the human experience, most likely in a “virtual” or synthetic manner. Perhaps we are now currently fueling that future species that transforms and transcends the material. This is all speculative fiction, but again, in the act of conceiving, it is possible.

But again, it isn’t going to be a God who does this, but our own human successors. Go to it, young and unborn ones! So, if God can be conceived, how can one act with certainty that it is not real? Well, for one, I surmise we cannot with 100% fidelity, BUT, and as they say, this is a big but, Everything else I’ve discussed is not empirically false; it is projective and currently unobtainable, but is not dismissed by the observable state of current affairs. God, gods, reincarnation in action, all of these are observably false. Every supposition any religion has posited thus far has no basis in reality that cannot be better explained by rationalization. (Feel like I need help and am out of my depth on this matter.)

Can we call the ourselves humans of the future Gods? Sure. Go for it; as a short hand, it may service the concept well.

Atheist Cosmology/Theology is obliged to create a blueprint for continued survival success which demonstrates an “artificial” “environment pressure” to spur another, similar, evolutionary leap (The imperative animating pressure is our /own/ (of our own making, self-made and also in our /nature/), not environmental), using current totemic ideas of the species. AI, Robots, Industry, et al?

  • Mysteries of the Unknown
    • Scientific Method as Revelator
  • Answers of the Unknown
    • Us vs Them/Self and Other/Being and Nothingness
      • In this Ethos/Cosmology, the universal (literally) struggle between that which exists and that which doesn’t
        • Humans are clearly on one side of the equation
        • EnergyMatter, at least at our current capacity to observe, is LOSING
          • Underdog Philosophy come true
          • And yet, at this terrestrial level of existence, we are CHAMPIONS
        • Ordains us as an unchosen vanguard of the struggle
          • Existence’s greatest champion
          • God forfeit position for at least two reasons
            1. Doesn’t Exist
            2. Failed – void is ‘expanding’
        • Establishes an imperative mandate for the species: SURVIVE
          • And any others we can conscript through communication
            • Apes
            • Dolphins
            • Other?
        • Survival through innovation is an evident talent of the species
    • !It was humanity the whole time!
      • Many variant “dream-frames” for deific magicians
        • Incredibly successful tactic
      • No matter how many deific magicians were introduced (or how few), it always came down to humans to proselytize
        • The farce of God endowing Free Will to humans was a brilliant get-out-of-Catch-22 card
        • It would stand to reason that any God that wasn’t frighteningly insecure would merely introduce themselves at the proverbial cocktail party, being omnipotent and eternal, form compacts with every creature without need for priests and other interventionists
      • The core instincts to all biological life is to survive
        • Core instinct of Consciousness is to survive?
        • Possibly all matter
          • But if not able to be destroyed, we have found that it can be SEPARATED
            • i.e., introduce the disease of VOID
            • Survivability would not be shared with matter/energy
              • Is there a ‘preference’ to remain in a certain state?
              • Is consciousness the outcome of energy that wishes to stay in an ordered state?
              • Does Entropy (and the notion of entropy) conflict with this?
  • Afterlife (Eternality)
    • Clear, though medium-term, solution in Human-Artificial Intelligent network (HAI [high] Network)
    • Immediate Actions
      • Storage of DNA
      • Storage of MRI? Brain maps? New Tech?
    • Cloning (?)
  • Mission
    • Preserve and extend life and consciousness; create Existence where there is none
      • Consciousness is existence?
      • We create luxury, and then learn to love it, so that keeping it BECOMES one of Mazlo’s hierarchy so that we consider its retention to be symbiotically “part” of survival
    • URGENT: The speed at which the VOID is separating matter
      • Nuclear and gravitational forces are immuno-responses to the VOID
        • Limiting the expansion of the VOID’
    • Void itself has mystical, paradoxical properties (as might consciousness?)
      • Expanding BUT infinite – an expanding infinity being the paradox
      • Potentially reasons out to: an actual UNIVERSE into which the VOID has infiltrated or invaded
        • Matter and Energy stand in “corporeal” stasis and oneness that is perpetually being de-integrated by the VOID
  • Doctrine = Survival, Survivability, Transcendence
    • Multiple pathways to species survival through improvement of conditions and technology
      • Bio-engineering
      • Cybernetics
      • Medicine
      • Procreation
        • Requires scalable support systems
          • Food
          • Water
          • Energy
          • Natural Disaster Aversion and Recovery
      • Natural Disaster Aversion and Recovery (see corporate structures aren’t entirely dispensable!)
        • Risk Assessment
        • Risk Management
      • Uniform Moral Code
        • Exceptionalism cannot extend to the individual
          • Sociapathy
          • Mass Murder
            • Predicated on the notion that 
    • Aspirational
      • The Transcendence or Ascent will not happen tomorrow
      • Interactive Reliance on other individuals (i.e., members of species) to carry future visions and theology
    • Proselytizing/Dissemination [Separate Activity or Category?]
      • Lectures
      • Comedy
      • Dramatic Fiction
      • Open-Source Bible
        • Devotees could eventually build the best platform for it
        • Devotees are contributors—The Bible (written by humans for humans)
          • Fuck you, dogs!
    • Devotional (?)
    • EXISTENCE is Good, VOID is Evil
      • All-encompassing alliances
        • All matter and energy, positive and negative, are on our side
        • Cannot support individualism, no less racism, etc.
          • Okay, maybe a little speciesism if push comes to shove

Myth 0001: Human-Artificial Intelligence Network

Myth 0001

A course of direct study should be how to integrate human biology more closely with machinery. Undoubtedly, we do not have the capacity to produce a routine-based programming that evolutionarily exceeds the human consciousness. It is legitimate to fear such a bogey-man, and often, the premise is that we stumble upon it accidentally, as if we stumbled upon the idea of the Wheel accidentally, or the Nuclear Bomb accidentally, or language accidentally. Life and Consciousness are many orders beyond our current intelligence, and there is no more likelihood that humanity could (in the near-term) generate an intelligent consciousness greater than itself than a salamander could travel to another galaxy to pick up a latte at the Canis Major Fly-Thru. There is very little doubt that if the precept of “advanced intelligence” is the successful course for species ASCENSION, it will be a hybrid solution where the ordered energy of human consciousness is not conferred, but integrated into a synthetic mechanical solution that is fueled by nothing more than direct energy, and so does not need to usurp the resources of this planet alone. We are a profoundly costly consciousness. It requires a meat sack that needs to break down other organic forms of life through ingestion, move clunky, fleshy matter through space in order to make new observations from altered vantages. The wealth of biological processes that are required to even expel waste is unfathomable, now that we realize how streamlined and swift “information” can travel. And how much more is Consciousness than organized information expressed in TIME? I bet Sartre and Heidegger have something to say about that…

And conveyances for something so minimal! Imagine how glorious 😉

But myths are as cautionary as they are illustrative fiction. It is always parable, for even a trite banality come commonplace betrays a greater parable in the need or desire to exalt of inanity, and the pros and cons that flow therefrom.

Neoplasty and the ability to learn new interfaces as Human’s progress towards incorporation with other Synthetic Matter, In either a Cyborg phase or directly to Intelligent Human Network.

This myth could culminate with either the integration of the Ascended Human into a Trekkian Federation we would find upon the actual Enlightenment, or a similarly species loneliness (that would actually be felt at the species-level, and not the Individual, as the problem of the Individual, and its loneliness, would be solved by the Ascension) that we already recognize at the individual level, being cleaved and separated from all other matter (sometimes our “own!”).

In either variant, the next variable of the parable becomes: What would interest such an Ascendant? The solving of Time, creating existence which would be the curing of the disease of the VOID. How does an Ascendant pass the “time?”

Not a BIG BANG – a huge rupture
Explosion of energy = no, it was an introduction/explosion of the VOID