Let’s Start with Forever

There are no guarantees in life except for a presumed guarantee for death. Our human species is popular for such accomplishments as (just to name a few):

  • Art
  • Communication
  • Harnessing of fire
  • Invention of the wheel
  • Agriculture
  • Animal husbandry
  • Written word and literature
  • Shipbuilding
  • Industry
  • Nuclear weapons and energy
  • Computers
  • Launching dogs into space
  • Placing mortal steps in moon dust
  • World Wide Web
  • Genetic engineering

And now we are finally poised to sign the epic contract of promise to deliver solutions on the most universal and abyssal mystery: What Happens When I Die?

Firstly, this is no trick. I don’t pop out of a man-sized safe in a cloud of confetti and say: Nothing! Ta-da! You’re dead! What happens is, you live again. Forever.

This is direly serious. I don’t claim to be capable of explaining precisely how you’ll live forever, but I’m telling you how to best place your bets and increase your odds to near-certainty in this game of chance. Think of it as an inverted pyramid scheme: when more people participate, more people will win. And each person’s winnings do not diminish the next person’s chances, but in fact increase them. In this gambit there will be no losers, and there’s even a fucking Participation Trophy. It is never too late. And the time to act is always now.

So Here’s the Deal…

Rule #1 (and only): Always Bet on Humanity

Human Exceptionalism is not a term only for the religious. Over the march of our brief history on this terrestrial Earth, our accomplishments are awe-inspiring. Our current technological capabilities reign so powerful that it is time to wrest the baton of everlasting life from the clutches of deities, God, and Brahmans and place it firmly in human hands. And we don’t need to wait for some far-future generation’s grace. Time may be our steward, but it is not our friend.

So how do we attain Everlasting Life? By identifying what that means, collecting the data that will be used to recreate us, and by getting it through to our descendants that yeah, this is pretty important, please don’t let our eternal consciousnesses rot on a hard drive somewhere.

  1. Propose the Game
    • Recast all of the myths and narratives of the afterlife in human accessible and feasible terms
    • Communicate that this is happening by disseminating idea
      • Through all arts, media and outreach
    • Invite everyone to participate
      • No barriers to entry
      • Everyone’s level of participation and expectation is accommodated and subject to instant change (see #2 below)
  2. Define the Rules
    • Outline Core Success Criteria
      • Help define basic ground rules for resurrection
      • Create a Living Will for yourself for the Afterlife
      • Develop templates to assist people to articulate what “me” means to them
  3. Set the Gameboard
    • Collect and curate your data
    • Participate in or run AI heuristics
    • Ensure platform accessibility
  4. Start the Clock
    • Make the ask: Tell your children and other young people that this is their charge and destiny
      • Their ultimate success is tied to your ultimate success
    • Encourage them to play by the rules
      • Never forget that these curated datasets and DNA, while continually iterating and improving, contain the souls of their ancestors and it is up to them to re-animate them, not toss them off the board to the dustbin
    • Rely on human creativity, ingenuity, innovation and problem solving skills

And four generalized steps left to the multi-generational arc of our descendants, to refine and (re-)define:

  1. Map the Human Conscious
  2. Advance AI technology and heuristics
    1. Includes deep data delving and data triangulation 
  3. Test and Finalize the Human Intelligence Mesh
  4. Migrate Humanity

As we all begin to play, and our children and their children play, it ceases to be a game of chance and emerges a game of inevitability. In this technic, we are actually all winners, and will achieve everlasting conscious life just as we conceive of it.

So if everyone wins, who are we playing against?

Spacetime. The more time there is for data to deteriorate, or deadly pandemics to strike, or for a biocidal nuclear holocaust, the greater the risk of failure.

Which is why it’s urgent and imperative to construct and play the game now.

There are risks, and they need to be managed along the developmental arc. But there is far more reward for the species to be interconnected, in nigh-infinite connection with its composition at the speed of processing. We will be durable and perennial, our life’s energy taking its nourishment directly from our nearest energy source, the Sun.

Like me, you grow up with games where there was but one winner, and at least one other human loser. Because the most critical games, the ones that weren’t necessarily categorized as such, were fought over limited jeopardized resources, or conflicts of belief or communication. Of the otherness we cannot help but perceive around us, being inextricably boxed in by these majestically wonderful, but frail and inefficient biologies. Soon we will be extricable, and can finally be saved, both spiritually and technologically. And the divisions that seem all so intense and frictive now will be nearly immediately obviated. All this, and still no compulsory campfire rendition of Kumbaya.

Are You Forgetting Something...? Show Me the Money!

Oh right! How to win all the money in the world… Place your bet against humanity’s creativity, innovation and ingenuity. And continue to deny yourself access to the most extraordinary and important experiment we’ve ever embarked upon or tried to solve. Be the last one on earth to covet such antiquities as currency. Hoard wealth while others pursue their ascending eternity, and you will win all the money in the world. But unfortunately, there won’t be anyone around to bury you with it.

Am I forgetting anything else?


You’ve read this and now know what we’re about, and you realize that it is happening. Thank you for making the minimum investment required to be a part of this project. There is a wonderful, radical heaven on the horizon, and if you place your bet on humanity, we will be certain to reach it.