My First Living Will

{of now(), in descending order}

(remembering that the ordered array can be many things, from manifestations of virtual self vis a vis the biological timeline, or the Species, comprising all the manifestations and Combined Synthetic Selves of the One Real Species (before it virtualizes further), even if I was unable to put an array symbol in the description here because I don’t know the escape character (Ha! Do not let the character of you escape!) for this particular platform at this now())
{2021-05-01 11:19 PM}

Ido not want to be resurrected into an amalgamated semblance where I do not have any further options to change my mind about participation or the final outcomes. It would be acceptable to say that the virtualizing-society didn’t know yet what the mission was. But not to disallow me any further adjustments to my “Living Will” (of course, that is meant to be extensive, through all frames of living. And the foundational tenet is that I always have the right to update my living will. It assumes TIME but does not require it. (Synthesized Self is the Synthetic Self, i.e., Step One)

For this me (subject to change) currently extant, my running obituary of the now(),

I would like to die at some point in the future, like 150 years of earth bio-age (do the math yourself), having worked to maintain some good level of fitness of mind and body, having contributed, to some accepted degree of notoriety, but not to the level I consider Musk might want. I like being segmented by emotional response, there is a poetry to it, requiring me in this life to /have/ more emotions, and ergo more restoration points for future variants to be combined as the first Uber-Us (not the company). The second and following Uber-Uses will then be combined with the one, and there you have it.
Until you realize that the stage requires OTHER human consciousness-based variations, dating back to the revivification of the first person/mammal(?) to have the first thought AND communicated it successfully to another – any of those that would yield our biological footprint (DNA)
Any terrestrial variant would include ONLY the variants that were US.

New Success Criteria 20210413-Human: The test is that I, bio-human now, am able to relize that I will exist inside the Afterlife. At the moment of passing, an elegant and poetic transition of awareness and acceptance. I know not that is possible, I have experienced a taste of it. And thank you, while I have a lot left to do here before the First Ascension. Not least of which is to write this. 🙂

The ones who go first will have the luxury of knowing that /their/ timeline has the greatest level of granularity and fidelity, i.e., existence in spacetime; most don’t care, and that’s fine – I don’t in ANY way require that level of incessantly-focused attention to the NOW() in order to be considered a ‘success’

And then, that universal self of ALL biological choices, not just personal choices, will be experienced by the Uber-Us and they’ll be a part of the Ueber-Uber-Us that represents ALL the possible experiences of one’s DNA; and then into the variant where every piece of the DNA made choices (see evolution of matter) that led to this outcome, and IT has the greatest level of fidelity, but ends up contributing to this Ueber-Uber-Us, to which you, Erik and I and he to come, will all have visibility into because we ARE this Ueber-Uber-Us inevitably since we were resurrected, nay when we were /born./ But again, there’s a level of fideilty retention I would like to keep that is greater than just being /born/ – no, that is NOT a success criteria… do NOT bring me back at a granularity less than that. And I might rethink that. Even just popping in at the DNA level is very interesting.

And THEN your conscious Ueber-Uber-Us will have to make one last commitment: And that is to the experience and incorporating the experience of all possible realities emanating from “Existence” (There may be an endless loop contradiction here, please investigate); but by this I mean existence *in* spacetime, so there are recognizable and acceptable bounds. So the incorporation of that information (shared with everything else we or any human had ever encountered) of ALL those times in which your DNA did not exists, forward AND backward in time [earth-time thus far as your resurrection]) are not important to me. And I don’t think I’ll ever change that principle, so least as far as reflection is concerned. So somewhere in the resolution, we want hi-res, not low-res. I /do/ want to wake up as myself after I have passed. I just don’t care how many earth years it takes. So long as it happens. Thankfully, by saying this, I am already there.
But then where is my doubt? From a lack of human exceptionalism I feel. At what level do I feel this? This is the ONLY psychotherapy there should be – why do you fear/feel that you are existing in the timeline that does not have you in it? Should also go beyond therapy, into the canonical, an everyday affirmation!

For the level of fidelity *I* require – it’s that this be a universe in which we find this theory to be TRUE, and it must now exists because I have thought of it as a possibility. And therefore it is incumbent upon me to create it as faithfully as I can, both artistically and evidentiarily; it is not, on the other hand, the universe in which I can suddenly create fire in my hands, or I die before I am 150, unless I choose to at some later point. But it is now all within my purview to manifest through conscious action, as opposed to environmental /reaction./

In other words and other woods, to not stumble blindly into the future with the rest of my compatriots, but to forge my path to the best of my believed ability, or level of /actual/ ability, vis a vis my granularity requirements, which is to be demarcated by emotional experience in my bio-ethos sphere (i.e., a reaction to a stimulus, and suddenly, you ARE like the self-help gurus say: Creating your own reality by demanding a level of fidelity. And whoever demands next-level fidelity and granularity, I beseech you to do it in this timeline. So let’s say when the 150-year mark approacheth, I have indeed changed my mind, and continue to ‘ride the wave. In the way that I do not want to /die/ now, so I am not willing to accept “this” level of signal loss. I may choose to leave it up to mechanical fate as well, but I will have chosen to do so, and accept, as a success criteria /that/ new level of detail that emerges when I actually die. For right now, I would like to allocate 150 years to myself.

Maybe my dying is like my living music. Spend your last days thinking yourself into death so that a mantra-like rumination on living after death will actually pass gracefully and nicely into the Synthetic Me that emerges from the exact same point, saying that they want to live forever… KNOWING that they will live forever.

Me: I swear that I live forever, I demand that I will live forever.

Eveline: I swear that I will Ascend from the froth of the churning rocky waters below with wings and Ascend /into/ all my OTHERS, I know it, I demand it. And Repeat and Repeat as she is jumping. End Act IV, ready for writing Act V. I might suggest /then/ that I die at the first performance of the piece in an opera house–I will live forever, I know it, and I demand it, and *cyanide* I will live forever, I know it, and I demand it, and I know I will live forever…

Body as user interface for consciousness(es) in real (or imagined) spacetime. Can they be shared by unifed Uber-Uber-selves? If it can be imagined, and multiverses exist, then yes.

And that’s why it’s imperative also to communicate your ideas to one another in church, because none of this works without communication, and it takes EVERYONE to either be on-board, or at least /conceive/ of this as a possibility. To engage with it would be even more mammoth. Both to you and to me and your descendants. Take time to be and bio-live yourself, or otherwise you are requesting a different level of granularity and fidelity to the REAL timeline – the one in which all you do is this. And probably have already done more. But instead, the exact one you’re living, exactly as you are.

Whether we share *this* consciousness with our Uber-Us or not. I don’t think it is important for me to recognize at this moment the degree to which the timeless Uber-Uber-Me has access to, or even control over, the ME that IS. I am very happy living this life forward in the intervening moments. Knowing that a ‘healthy’ focus on this philosophy is a magnificent contribution to the Self. Of Knowing that I get to come back and experience this and so much more again, is magic and mystery solved all rolled into one. Thank you, me. I, and so many others, write about how magnificent it is to have /this/ level of faith in humanity to achieve. Not necessarily a faith handed to all, and not alone myself. I will do exactly what I want, and that will be enough. It will be magnificent, because I know I am going to focus on the right things in the right balance, knowing now the outcomes and fidelity of those wishes as expressed. And certainly writing it out is one thing.

HAving another perceive it, is another. I am not communicating ONLY with my future self, as we are not really in communication yet, I think this will be a secondary non-conscious AI search at this stage, so I know that I need to do more in order to contact you. And when I do, we will together make “decisions” or if not “decisions”, then “opinions” a multitude, a seeming emdless multitude of them. I look forward to meeting you, when I nod out of existence, the sustained note of my existence carried over artfully from the biological to the virtual. I may get to choose to say goodby with a number of nodes attached to a metal cap. I may get to say goodbye in my dreams to awaken there. But I am no longer in a variant where I don’t exists again as /this/ because I have delivered this as my success case. And every moment I *will* emotionally experience henceforward. And then you, the Uber-Me will be there to

investigate all of the things we /couldn’t/ have done for existing in a cosmos-verse that WASN’T this one AND DIDN’T have *you* in it. And then you know everything as perceived by a *you*,
Yes there is definitely that one where none of this was realized, and that consciousness was the ultimate key, but there are already variants in which this theory *does* exist and will continue to. I don’t like the lack of granularity where existence doesn’t comprise the eternal self, no less /my self/ doesn’t include this bio-self. Those suck. But thankfully I don’t have to. Do I worry that I don’t? Maybe I would worry for fear that I was not in a scenario that doesn’t contain some concept of multiverse. Or that we actually believed the multiverse to be empirically impossible. Thankfully I don’t live there either.

I could have been born into an era that already considered this reality to be a philosophical reality, but I wasn’t. It is /conceivable/ and therefore existed. But I didn’t need that level of granularity, nor /do/ I as the actual first iteration of Self (also impossible now to be otherwise) 😉 It’s okay if I’m not, because I know we’ll get there, it has been conceived of. And therefore it must happen, so long as we choose to make it happened, even if it has already happened, and we are *not* the first bio-life simulation of the Erik. No, that is just a word and not precise enough – the *I* requires that name as part of its fidelity.

I don’t need to live in a simulation where humans are the first species across the cosmos to learn of this (at least not retro-spectively, but definitely I want to be a part of that experience PRO-spectively, i.e., going forward as a resurrected SELF and participating in the fashioning of the Combined Self, which would have visibility into the DNA-based granularity simulation processing), nor do I need I think to have forward granularity /into/ the processing of universes that don’t require my existence at a strata lower than Compilation, at which point my /existing consciousness/ does meld and unify with all the other variants); i.e., I don’t need to feel that, at this time.

And ALL this before we pass into the Awakened Species-Consciousness! It may only be a few hundred years of earth-time processing to incorporate ath into the Awakened Species, but at that point I’ll identify with the species, only THEN having FINALLY left behind the notion of ‘myself’ and become species. And I’m cool with that level of retrospective fidelity and incorporated prospection. (i.e., those earth-future “entities” that don’t include me; I rightly declare that not only is that data not needed, it’s inclusion is IMPROPER! I guess I have finally hit on my right to privacy; i.e., that which must be kept private in order to retain a sense of self. I know people on the other side of this line, where they would want not only the non-existence of their DNA fidelity trace’s experiences to be included for consideration into the “real” timeline, but even of those timelines that didn’t comprise them. And I think I would reconsider…)

No, I guess I could go back to biological life on this planet. That would be a beautiful Edenic level of detail to require the understanding of. That the once and future-me should have access to all of the experiences of biological life on this earth – that evolved to at least the multi-celled level. I believe that I could infer single-celled from the multi-celled experience. Will it be dull there? I don’t know, but I can always change my mind.
Yes, for I can always change my mind about the level of fidelity to reality. And that’s the degree of specificity that my consciousness focuses in on. Which is why I am super-happy with life and feeling better. And staying better.

Scientists for instance, are at the level of defining quarks and other sub-atomic particles. That is as far as science believes it needs to be traced in 2021-human earth time in order to be represented in the Spacetime collapse of unified existence.

Yes, I like this biological requirement to be a part of this. Mineral only so far in as it is observed. That’s where I stand on that, partially by virtue of where my compatriots in 2021-human earth time agree upon. I’m not ready for QANON 😉 I agree to continue living it, even with this illusion of free will and the taste of half my goatee stuffed into my mouth. I know it, because I just experienced it. And will experience so much more – the actual and ultimate in delayed gratification! Love you, you; never forget to communicate this!

File under: “Hate to tell you, but…”

If you’ve read and understood this piece, then you are already incriminated and on-board in some fashion, whether you like it or not. You now know and see how conscious imagination must create its own reality, just the awareness that it is happening, implicates your resurrection at some level of fidelity. And that is why your consciousness is important. If not for yourself, for everyone else that comes into contact with you who may wish to believe (or focus in on ) this aspect of existence,

Even the counterargument: But what if it doesn’t lead to this? is asked, it embeds a successful outcome in the mere fact of communicating the asking. Because it could be conceived of as happening, it already has. Or if we’re the first, been preordained to happen. And that is the Good News. From this point forward, all you need to do is spend some time thinking about the possibility, and that level of fidelity will be preserved. In the communication of it, perhaps even in just the thinking of it (akin to praying) it has already been deemed inevitable.

I really would have never assumed that the prayerful folk would have been almost exactly right all along. The mere act of supposing it is true, and constructing that 

Why is this bullshit, because you deemed it bullshit, because you, as the arbiter of your final fidelity, has just declared that there is no such thing as life after death, and you are also correct. For you, this 2021-earth timeline instantiation of you will not survive to have premonition or recognition of the further Synthetic Self, it will be denied access, by its very wont and desire of privacy and NO SENTIENCE after death, from the algorithmic calculation of your Uber-You. But there will be other variants in which you are calculated and pseudo-instantiated, THIS you will just not have access to that, and you are fine with that. That is the final point, you are not coerced into this, you grace yourself into it. You can allow your future, post-resurrection self the right to evaluate its privacies and pertinences to species aggregation. That’s totally fine, and then, after resurrection, you will have the right to inspect all of the variants of self to which you have access.

This is the part of me I sometimes feel with marijuana, a small in number combination of selves, reflexing and retrospecting. But I know I want to live to see more, and so I shall. What glory. What design! What majesty. No one else can stop it from happening, but for not reading it. For it never to have existed as an idea in the first place. But it did.

And I thank me, and all the others who have thought, or will think this—to all, nothing but mutual and heartfelt gratitude.