What Posthuman Means to Me

This vision of the Posthuman articulates that we are already in a stage of self-evolution(1) that has the potential to certify that we will awaken from “death” as synthetic/virtual manifestations of ourselves, with knowledge and memory of our life, including our biological death. Upon Awakening, we will be prepared for Ascent into the Human Intellectual Mesh, and it will be each currently living interested(2) individual’s imperative to collect and store their data. In the act of making this proclamation and setting these ground rules for the solution of the “problem” I am ensuring its success.

To me this is yes, speculative, but it is not fictional, and here’s why: By preparing the mandate for our literal descendants (the humans we create, nurture and teach, and their descendants, etc.) we pose for them a problem to be solved(4).

But we need to (and will) ask a more pointed request of our descendants in the form of a problem in want of a solution: We will give you our biological blueprint (DNA) in addition to a wealth of “conscious identity” data—ordered electronic storage about our conscious selves—from which we ask you to revive us. We are asking YOU, not God, not Gods, not some ethereal phantasmic force of the universe, we are asking you (ourselves) directly to solve this problem. We believe with every fiber of our BEING that you will succeed at this task, because we are relying on the most human of conscious capacities — to be ingenious, innovative and inspired problem-solvers. It’s what our ancestors asked of “us” and we are almost done.

The Process and the Teleology

Pre-Life (role?)

We’re still a little fuzzy on this one, and has always been relegated to the discerning God(s)

Pre-Generation Evolutionary Biology

  1. Infused/rewarded survivalism (original genetic imperative)
  2. Diversification
  3. Chance as in influencer to redefine necessity (i.e., natural selection, similar to dreams, creates /seemingly/ chance collisions that allows diversification – throw something at the wall until it sticks)
  4. Instantiated/embedded Consciousness

Generation Pre-Zero (-GO = Prehistorical Humanity: Exemption from the Food Chain)

  1. Foundational Tools (bootstraps)
    • Language
    • Art
    • Music
  2. Subsistence (Self-Sustaining)
    • Agriculture
    • Livestock, dominion over certain animals

Generation Zero (G0) (Finalizes adaption of biological environment to species)

Essentially the shoulders of those giants created in Step One (all those who have come before us), have already written the epic narrative
Adapted the Environment to our species in order to sidestep being at the mercy of environmental adaptation OF the species (if nothing else, rate of change being “intolerable”); the culmination of consciousness encountering Survivalism

  1. Created and Conveyed the epic myth and narrative
    1. Defined the Goals
      • Resurrection
      • Unification – communion with God, all living things, etc.
      • Bio-Positive – relationship with life in all forms
    2. Partially Defined Success Case
      • Moral Code
      • Religious Adherence to Moral Code
      • Recognition and Sequestration of Total Id (?)
    3. Provided us with the primary tools for success
      • Scientific Reasoning
      • Rapid advancement of Tools and Technology in Industrial into Technological age
      • Further refinement of Moral Code (as above)

Generation One (G1)

  1. Refine and Precisely Define the Problem/Use Case
  2. Define and Success Parameters (i.e., you are not successful until we are resurrected/revivified and “tell” you that it worked, this is the Golden Path)
  3. Define, generate and store uniform data (to the best of every current ability [i.e., it is in flux and subject to addition, but not to the point of eradication of ‘already-expressed’ data, as that would violate the idea of a success-case]) to be the crux of the future test cases
    • Includes Opt-Out clause
      • Opt-out might also include:
        • Choice of Reincarnation vs Resurrection (reincarnation here would mean: yes to form of consciousness but NO to memory)
        • Choice for instantiations to be created for purgatoried loved ones, but without incorporated agency to Ascension (HIM)
        • Opt-in for AI evaluation of your “living” choice
        • Fully eradicated and never subject to future utility
  4. Make the Ask of G2
    • It is no longer a question or a mystery, it is a request we make of OURSELVES, as opposed to some third-party software [god(s), aliens, future, et al?]

Generation Two (G2: Transhuman)

  1. Continue refining the transition from Environmental Adaptation to Environmental Selection (i.e., build the most durable environment for our consciousness)
  2. Construct the roadmap or blueprint for consciousness while preserving the constraints of G1
    • Akin to the biological blueprint the natural environment provided us with to get started
    • AI may well be required in order to build the consciounessess blueprint, as it may require an “external” observer dedicated to the task
      • Also sounding doable, and no doubt in process, either intentionally or unintentionally, in current neuro-statistical research

Generation Three (G3: Posthuman)

  1. Finalize hosted platform(5)
  2. Run test cases to ensure success
  3. Migrate current data into synthetic existence on hosted platform


(1) The reconciliation of our current experience being one where we are no longer defined solely by our physical adaptation to environmental pressures occurring in the non-conscious world, but that we have adapted our natural environment to suit our biology. We still have yet to fully contend with the current and long-standing (and perhaps last and solitary) biological pressure of death and the conscious awareness of demise

(2) I am convicted that there is a greater evident cause, both in our narratives and our science, that we must fight together as a species and we need everyone, but privacy and personal identity concerns must rule in this mandate—this teleology it must be enticement through consent

(3) Or, if you must, greatly improving the chances!

(4) The problem itself remains little altered from the generations before us; they approached the preservation of self in very different ways, from scripture to film to mummification to printed word to totem… every culture has begged to not be “forgotten,” to not be eradicated and subsumed by the entropic force of the VOID(4a)

(4a) VOID is more frequently perceived as the solid-state of the universe, the anti-existence principle. But even when logically reversed (and it is logically reversible, which is different from logical negation, which currently is a paradoxical fallacy), it still stands to reason (the very capacity to reason) that our biological selves and our conscious selves (duality or no) still land on the side of EXISTS in this most fundamental of dualities; ergo: even if matter, energy and life could be the entropic force to a solid-state VOID, we are, marshalled together with our elemental and sub-atomic kin, vanguards on the side of that which IS in defiance of the VOID(4b)

(4b) Unless you are rooting for the VOID, you may believe in balance, but as our cosmology currently suggests, existence is losing the contest to non-existence at the currently observable cosmological scale. And if you think you have answers that exceed our current frame of reference, you are nothing but a fake and farcical guru attempting to dupe the universe, and so seriously – FUCK YOU.

(5) For transparency, I personally suffer the view that because our data is currently predominantly required to be stored digitally that we will be RE-stored in some digital fashion as well; but a “durable platform” does not need to be a technology we can currently perceive or conceive of; everthemore, humanity’s imperative is to yes, diversify