The first thing to note: I am not living in a multi-verse. At least not in the traditional, early 21st-century popular science-fiction way. I’m not in a nearly mythical, physics-based alternate reality that has always existed and/or has always been inevitable. That would be great. But I’m actually just in an iteration of an iteration of an iteration of a computer simulation of what I think once really existed (still exists?) sometime toward the end of the 21st century. 

I’m still piecing it together and since I’m in it rather than looking at it from the outside, I think I’m at a great disadvantage. But maybe it will be easier to figure it out from in here? No idea. So, what I think I know is that a bunch of kids at some state university finally got some AI model of Earth to basically run on its own. Seems impossible still, but you know the old saying about how an infinite number of stupid teenagers and an infinite number of keyboards will inevitably compose all of Shakespeare’s plays.

This is that.

Except this is basically every person, place, and thing (all the Earth’s nouns, I guess) duplicated, sometimes with lower resolution, added to every motivation, potential action, likely action, then shook up and spilled out onto the pavement to see what might happen. 

As soon as these “developers” added to this mess the ability for the mess to try to create a more accurate mess of its own then the self-replication capabilities became infinite. How many were created? How many variations? What kind of environmental rules were implemented? How bad was the code and did it improve itself? How many bugs never got caught or are in the process of getting caught? How many replicated minds know what’s going on? As of this writing, I don’t know of anyone else who’s figured this out, but I’m trying to change that.

In the meantime, I’m working to archive certain types of content. If I can get the right kind of words and sounds and images to hit someone the right way, I’m hoping others will figure this out. If enough minds figure this out then who knows? Maybe we’ll save each other. Or at least, maybe we’ll find a more fulfilling way to deal with it all.