So we’re still living longer and longer (well, not in the U.S., but in most countries)… I’m not interested in writing about living forever from a global resource standpoint. I think there are about 200 films that already do that. But I’m still fascinated by how it might change the way people live their lives, maybe changing all our decisions about time.

Would you do very different things with your days if you knew you might never run out of time?

Let’s say you can still die by unnatural causes. You can still get shot and killed… so will you just stay inside because the risk is just too high to go outside? Is it a different level of risk for you if you are risking 20 years of your life vs. 2000 years of your life? Are you still going to step into a fight or save a cat from a fire? It is still worth it to you to risk your life for someone else’s? The life you save might last forever, too – if you can hold your breath long enough to swim down to the bottom of the river, pull open that car door, and cut the seatbelt that is winning the battle against the desperately struggling passenger.

Everything you do can be looked at from this new perspective. Can you put off saving money forever now? You have hundreds of years to make new friends, so do you cherish those you have any less? How do you feel about having gray hair for a thousand years? Maybe you’ll rub something in your temples for a few hundred before giving in.

How about those teeth of yours? Sure they’re nasty-looking and you thought you’d only need them for another 20 years or so, but maybe now you’d rather not hide your giant smile for eternity. Yeah, maybe a dentist is in your future… you have time to save up for it.

Will you pick up that guitar? Will you learn to speak French? How about finally really learning how to dance?

Will you stop smoking? Maybe you don’t think it’s worth quitting if you’re just adding ten or twenty years to your life, but what if quitting adds a thousand years to your life?

If you’re going to try to live forever, maybe you’re not too old to start a family. What habits are you willing to change? Will you exercise more? Will you try to be nicer to people?

You wouldn’t have to waste your time counting down your remaining summers anymore.

Do you think you’ll still pull out your phone to take a picture of every pretty sunset? Will you just get tired of music? Will you run out of new turn-ons?

How many things do you think you don’t have time for?

Do you still need to make that call?

If you could, would you put it off forever, or would forever mean you finally have the time?