People, We Need to Talk About Death.

Sit right down and you'll hear a tale... It may well be what we really mean when we request a "come to Jesus" meeting. It's the early twenty-first century, and we need to rekindle our conversation about human mortality, because things are about to start changing.The flood of apocrypha are overwhelming, and we settle on a

Seagulls Kill Alien on Way To Tampa

No More to the Story Can't remember if I told you that the bird died.But I didn't forget. I remember telling you right before this article started.But do you remember me telling you?Well, what's wrong with you then? Are you just a figment of my imagination, dreamt up by my sub-conscious to torture me?Why would I want


Those arms were quite tiny. Nick Bostrom, no offense to Neil de Grasse Tyson, made the most comprehensive and convincing argument for the possibility (or probability) that we are currently experiencing life in a simulation in his landmark paper: Are We Living in a Computer Simulation?Being upfront, I take the following related positions: 1) It

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