You Will Hate Teleportation

Maybe you can’t wait to snap your fingers and magically appear anyplace in the world. You think it would save time, create once-in-a-lifetime opportunities, allow infinite travel you never would have considered before.You think it will be so great to avoid fighting traffic on your commute? You’re going to be able to save up all

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  • cryogenic freezing

Cryogenic Freezing – Insurable?

Tad Thomlinsonbergurson (TT): Is cryogenic freezing itself a pre-existing condition?Ned: Not as such.TT: What of the pre-existing conditions that were the reasons for undertaking the cryogenic freezing?Ned: Death. TT: Sorry?Ned: Thank you, but it's okay. I didn't even know her.TT: No, that's not what I mean. It just took me a second to realize that

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  • Silouette of person walks forward through electric doorways.

Memory Templates, A Brief History

NOTE: This is a direct copy of a piece I found in another iteration, one further along. By offering it here, I think I’m violating a few of the guidelines, but since I’m not trapped in one place anymore, I’m relatively safe from enforcement. At least I’m omitting the author information.The hastily marketed memory templates

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