The Running Obituary of Now()

Baby's First Living Will {of now(), in descending order} (remembering that the ordered array can be many things, from manifestations of virtual self vis a vis the biological timeline, or the Species, comprising all the manifestations and Combined Synthetic Selves of the One Real Species (before it virtualizes further), even if I was unable to

How to Win All the Money in the World and Live Forever

A guaranteed roadmap to everlasting life, and now, for a limited time only, how to amass all the money in the world!

Just What You Wanted to Hear

A glimpse of the Afterlife. The premonition, a precognition of my own First Ascent and Awakening—don't close your eyes!

The Actual Death of the Self

What is this promise of Afterlife? You need only to have asked.

A Sidenote on Eternity

Some important distinctions between future-eternality and all-the Eternal, composed and packaged for the faint of heart.

The Wolf Who Cried Boy

So... what's in this domestication thing for me?, asked the wolf in sheep's clothing.

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