Looking Forward to the Upload Yet?

If my memory wasn’t pretty much perfect, I doubt I would remember any fears of mortality at all. I might say that was lifetimes ago.I’ve been writing about this stuff forever (your term). But if you’re reading this, then obviously from where I’m sitting, I don’t really know how it got to you. I have some

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In Search Of: An Atheist Theology

Your Content Goes Here Nothing more than an outline of the various components or players in this theology; so let's jump right in.Though, just as a note: I do not shy away from the word THEOLOGY in this context, because it addresses the precise paradox that resides near the heart of the human condition—power wielded

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What Happens Exactly When You Circumnavigate a Globe?

It could have been premature if the species had begun its conception and Ascension as the most advanced form of life before the circumnavigation of the globe.

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Narrative Power

Whether or not the VOID is a disease,, the Order that will come to the Universe will ultimately be a narrative.

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Evolution of Iterations

We were always trying to do the math in our heads, but even though I was leaning toward thinking it was possible, I either didn’t want to know the odds for sure, or more likely, didn’t want it to be true. Even if the math said there was a 99% chance we were living in

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These words are what I'll see when I awake, and I'll know it was true, because I am extended across time, just like Ned.

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Is this Thing On?

Even if you were to cram God in the quark, what exactly do you gain by doing that?

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A Brief Return to the Garden of Jimothy

It certainly seems clear that the Edenic tree's fruit did never claim to impart wisdom.

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Woolly Mammoth Prints

I was assured in confidence that primates do not transmit knowledge from generation to generation other than through direct observation and immediate correction of improper usage. 'Twere one monkey to run another thru, they, too, would learn, albeit, alas, too late, of the sword. There is no translation mechanism, either through speech or pictograph, to

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The Call of the Empirical

It bears incessant repeating. There is a magnificently overpowering will of human modern psyche stretching back long before the industrial and technological revolutions that wishes for responsibility of meaning and direction to be placed in the realm of some other entity. People believe they hear the words of God in brightly burning bullrushes, and see

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