The Curious Coincidence of Consciousness

120 Watts per Idea Books about consciousness and the Quantum Problem seem to abound around my coffee tables these days. By intelligence design of my own, in combination with Jeff Bezos and Jeff Bezos' Amazon. The once-meager bookseller. Osiris will be the once-meager graveyard of human digital remains. Become not only the Body Codex of

The Scrivener Cowers

Once Thinking of What to Write "The human does not disappear from the kind of nonhuman bioethics envisaged here; in fact, humanity functions as its strategic point of entry."[1]For me, this transhumanist stage (Zylinska's strategic point of entry) of humanity is reachable, perhaps even rapidly approaching if we take its implications as imperative, which the


The Coroner Struck a Match Shall we not just take a moment to talk? To connect distemporally and snatch these repeated instances from the viscous pour of infinity, a sludge haul down a complicated sequence of iron pipes, forged in the lateral veins of our sun. Who does the talking, and who does the listening?

There It Is, Just out of Reach

I Dreamt of Lilacs this Morning What I picture is myself leaning back on the couch moments ago, from the perspective on the other side of the ottoman, as if crouched stealthy copping a peek. What I remember is the feeling of arching my back, even while I stand still. I am not really sure

5 Life-Hacks for the VOID

5 Helpful Ways to choose BEING over NOTHINGNESS

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