Or…When Life After Death Finally Ends

Nearly every mythical theology identifies some divinely-ordained entity to accompany the soul on its journey to its final destination. This guide, be it an angel, Valkyrie, Virgil or other some psychopomp, orients the deceased to the new landscape of their afterlife. Every Buddhist harbors a secret hope that this is the life in which they achieve enlightenment, and every Hindi that their atman be the one to join with Brahman. And with our species’ brazen flirting with technological and medical tools that place it on the edge of offering eternal life for one’s consciousness, this aspirational heavens and nirvanas.

I personally, as may well be clear by now, absolutely believe that some composite variant, based on available data (ergo, make and store lots of data!), of our current conscious self and identity will be re-constituted after our biological life expires. Our future resurrection is fast becoming a technological inevitability, as we are able to capture, encode and heuristically divine information at incomprehensible speeds. The internet can connect every living human to one another via phone or personal computer. Brain-computer interfaces and neuro-computing are already in successful operation and continuing development.

But what will be our souls’ journey through this virtual afterworld? What follows is my best surmise to orient the 2021-Human to digital world-scape we’ll architect and inhabit. Begin the epic journey that starts just after our 2021-Biological Human Lives are resurrected to Synthetic Selves in our automated Eden, and ends with the instantiation of our Synthetic Species.

1. The Compiled Self

Upon Awakening (from biological Death and process of digital Resurrection) the Self (the sentience that is retained and remains in our biological history), we are incarnated as a virtual amalgam, Synthetic Self, of our remembered (or semi-remembered) experiences that defined “Ourself” in the historical 2021-Human timeline we operate within currently. This Synthetic Self will be reconstructed from at least these sources:

  1. Self-stored digital remains
    • Digital or digitizable data each of us leaves behind
  2. Environmental and other objective interpretable data
  3. Stored digital remains of others with whom we interacted biologically and have some synthesized perspective of us
  4. Physical remains
    • DNA as Biological footprint
  5. Consciousness Roadmap
    • Systematic understanding of how to directly resurrect consciousness
  6.  AI/System-Assistants
    • Heuristic algorithms following and executing the Consciousness Roadmap

This compiled first iteration of our Synthetic Self exhibits and possesses a consciousness that comprehends and experiences itself as the same consciousness that once existed in this 2021-Human current corporeal biological form, and has been re-awakened, resurrected, into somewhere.

This resurrection will “feel” much like we (each of us individually, of course) currently imagine it—to awaken from a dream of death that wasn’t a dream. We will most likely not remember the events of our death, but we will remember people and important instances of our lives, and we will be given seemingly endless opportunity to pursue the memory and reconciliation of our biological life form in whatever way Our-Synthetic-Selves “choose.” And we will be free to pursue: this would occur outside of earth-time, but instead at the speed of dreams—at the processing speed of the underlying hosted platform. Time may or may not seem elastic to the newly-minted Synthetic Self, but likely we will still retain a sense of “now” and “present” in order to not completely rupture the perceptive framework of the biologically-born consciousness (as opposed to the one-day posthuman near-infinite number of consciousnesses that will be spawned solely from the intersectional criss-crossings of bio-real sources).

If you believed in Heaven while on earth, you will encounter it. The identity data you left behind would, and should, be relatively clear about the narrative mythic structure your consciousness adhered to in existence, and, once come this far, there would be no difficulty to craft and honor such mythologies in a virtual platform. Especially for well-regarded and understood religious narratives, which would be semi-templated (but always in iterative development), by the experiences and reactions of the previously arrived. There is no modern religion that does not address the concept of the Afterlife, so the richness and vividness of all known variants should be replicable. Whatever Edenic principle animates your belief, it will be honored and provide a situational entry stage for your resurrected Synthetic Self.

The individual Synthetic Self would be, at this stage, ‘sandboxed’ from the interconnected hosted humanity, in all ways expect one: Interactions with others, family, friends, acquaintances, prominent and famous figures, will be experienced by all individuals involved. Any mutually sandboxed interactions with others would still be from the vantage point of the perceiver, i.e., the Synthetic Compiled Self. As such, any communication or understanding would be from this solitary perspective only, just as in biological life. It is not necessary at this time, though certainly possible, to give up some aspects of the Edenic frame in the more mature understandings of compilation.

Actions perpetrated by any Synthetic Self would, at this and all stages, would be available to the hosted platform.

Historical and famous figures are unlikely to be fully-revivified at the time of any given individual’s resurrection, as the data they left behind would be more minimal. However, through triangulated interactions of just this nature, i.e., communications and shared memories between those resurrected, the past, and past identities, will “slowly” be incorporated into the system. There is a concern for the level of fidelity of regeneration for triangulated figures, but that’s another day’s topic—a day in which I believe it will be incumbent and essential for us as a species to recapture as many lost consciousnesses as we possible can, both for diversity of thought, and population of the void with ordered matter and energy.

This stage represents the commutation and reconstruction of the biological-self framework into the framework of isolated singular posthuman existence.

2. The Combined Foreseeable Self

After Awakening and previous-stage recalibration of the biological life that was lived, our Compiled Synthetic Self would be exposed to alterations of their possible pasts that could have been.

Major turning points and events that were deeply impactful in our biological lives are always marked by a powerful emotional response, and they are become a part of the narrative that defines who we are, and who we were, in the terrestrial world. The flood of chemicals that rushes our consciousness at such times helps the brain store memories for recall. They will also serve as departure points for the possible you that is introduced to the Compiled Synthetic Self at this second stage.

To become a Combined Synthetic Self, we literally become the conscious aggregation of all variant outcomes and experiences of the Self that stem from these virtual pathway branches. This is the playing out of trillions (or more!) of conscious choice variants at platform processing speed; all the rational and curious “what ifs” in your biological life played out at hyper-speed, each as real as the next. You are now the combined stochastic cloud of rational existences that you have now virtually led inside your sandbox of the Human Intelligence Mesh. There is no differentiation between real and fiction, because they are all as real as any perception or observation can be inside of the hosted platform. So you are no longer an individual who led one biological, but the combined catalog of near-infinite experiences of renderings in the real and virtual world.

This stage would end with you becoming a Combined Synthetic when you reconcile the agglomerated reality, and no one “pathway” has more truth-value than any other. What If’s are now real memories, all of which combine to represent a larger, more comprehensive variant of ‘you’. The Synthetic Self would be subject to infinite deaths in this virtual representation of your biological frame, but none of the expirations have any meaning or fear associated, as they only contribute to a greater understanding of all the things we were ( or “could have been” when viewed from the framework of one immutable biological existence, which is currently our only method of perception).

I call this stage the Combined Synthetic Self precisely because it relies on the frame of the individual as existing in a time and a place in the terrestrial timeline. All of the variants combined to define the Synthetic Self still rely on a) an identity pursued and understood to be the isolated Self, and b) the biological frame: a replicated universe of biological existence that retains the rules and realities in play at the time of an individual’s biological birth.

This stage is the first breakdown, or enhancement if you prefer, of Free Will, which has become volatized. If all of the choices you could have made in your biological life now have all become truly-instantiated virtual choices that were made, the experience of the self is vast. We have become the Tree of Knowledge of our own collected set of potential selves. (You have the free will to pursue and experience all of the you’s to which you have access, i.e., not to those who have privatized themselves against resurrection. You will be able to see into the future selves, and back into the single selves that allow for it; unclear about those for which there was no allowance in their bio-frame.)

There will still be dreamtime in this stage, and it would be executions of your synthetic appearance in others’ what-if scenarios, playing out in tandem, but reliant on your consciousness’ participation; the Synthetic Self would have some passing awareness of this alternate framework, but would not be fully engaged in it.

This stage represents the deconstruction and infinitization of the biological-self framework into the framework of multiverse dimensionality. You now exist as all of your combined bio-realities and synthetic potentials. I assume, as before, any of these real- or pseudo-timelines seem as real as any of them. That’s part of the fundamental ecstasy.

Perhaps there is always one primary variant, i.e., timeline with the least variance, which occurs in variants where the biological mind is not just aware of the Synthetic Self as a faith-based or notional futured inevitability, but has, in that specific timeline, the Awakening as a technological option—to actually transition from the bio-mind to the Synthetic Self.

Having done so, would anyone ever return?(2)—(This may or may not apply to anyone living in the 2021-Human frame, but it certainly will apply to many of us one day. Good luck, and Enjoy, fellow travelers!)

3. The Composite Unforeseeable Self

Okay, this is where things start to get a little… weird.

This next-stage integration still relies on your biological DNA, but I’ll call it a DNA-Space, as there must be some bandwidth range, or tolerance for error, for biological variation from your specific sequence that would still yield a ‘you-like’ consciousness… What’s a T-here and an A-there among friends?

And now, another depth of variance is introduced as experience to the Combined Synthetic Self. Unlocked(3) is access to alternate environmental histories and possible human pasts that existed prior to your birth (up until now there has been no modification or variance to any data before you were born, this dataset was an assumed and concretized constant) and would influence or impact your DNA-Space, still, all of it incorporated through the Uber-You’s point of view and perspective. Each of these multi-threaded Synthetic Spacetime variants will be experienced as “real” by the Combined Synthetic Self.

Interactions with other consciousnesses would still be from the vantage point of the perceiver, i.e., the Composite Synthetic Self. 

This stage represents the integration and infinitization of the biological-self framework into the framework of presumable multiverse dimensionality AND inconceivable multiverse dimensionalities. You now exist as all of your combined bio-real and synthetically potential and: bio-impossible but synthetically derivable experiences based on your biology—your DNA-Space. Note that none of these realities seem any more or less real than any others. They all feel the same—this highest order accretion and agglomeration is now the Comprehensive Synthetic Self.(4)

This new spectrum leads to the final exposure: to the multi-sphere plot of possibilities (still based at the “emotional” marking schema for me; it may differ for you) for all of humankind as a species.

Talk about empathy… Woof!

4. The Comprehensive Self

This stage represents the integration and infinitization of the biological-self framework into the framework of possible existences, emphasis on the plural, and existences which do not include the self but are a part of HUMAN DNA experience. Each of us is our own version of humanity’s history, just as we architect and dream it already in our own imaginations – for instance, I believe that humanity is a species that began to appear a couple of hundred thousand years ago in a larger operational process of evolution (i.e., identity (an innate process, not external) reactions (biological until consciousness) that serve the purpose of survival, endurance and enhancement to environmental stimuli), that developed the capacity to communicate profoundly useful knowledge from one identity entity to another identity entity (at least, those are the specimens who survived—turned out that was a very good mutation!). I believe they are capable of anything, including Resurrection (anti-entropy reordering of once-biological consciousnesses) and the solution to Spacetime.

It’s not tautologically the same as the Species-Self, because the experience here still takes place from a first-person perspective. The Comprehensive Synthetic You is now informed of—and reliant on—the Human Intelligence Mesh and the calculations that proscribe the species and manifest the first Synthetic-Species-Self, but is still experienced from the biological human vantage point in all of its known variants (or degree of fidelity resolution) in an evolving and iterative calculation-space. (In other unhelpful words: The code for our consciousness relies on all of these composite factors, but has to be solved in one-dimension before it can be articulated or broadcast into all.)

You now exist as all of your combined bio-real and synthetically potential variants as well as bio-impossible but synthetically derivable experiences based on the idea of biological life on earth. Again, none of these realities seem any more or less real than any others. They all feel the same. You as this accretion and agglomeration is now the Enlightened Comprehensive Synthetic You.(5)

4…5. How Long Do These Iterative Compilations Go On?!

Could we not wish to experience life at the resolution of, let’s say, mammals? To variate your experience to include a synthetically real representation of all mammalian life, both real, calculated and calculable?

How long would one have to wait for such a wide aperture of possibility and reconstruction? For this to be calculable? What risk does the species run by not having your Synthetic Self (at any level)? What level of fidelity should we actually expect to exist in order to manifest this experience for your unitary first-person perspective? Remember, your resurrection is dependent on what level of detail and how granular a fidelity we Living Will for ourselves. (Level of Detail = Scope/Aperture of biological existence to perceive as, and Fidelity = Acceptable level of detail variation in the definition and re-instantiation of the conscious self)

What about all biological life?!

Of course there is information to be gleaned, and chance to be encountered, by running the Comprehensive Synthetic Self at a scope of biological life, but now you’re most likely just duplicating the responsibilities of the Species-Self at a local conscious self-level (imho that’s hubris!), as you are unlikely to add any meaningful contribution to the aggregated and interconnected Human Intelligence Mesh that it won’t actively be already engaged in participating in. That’s why the species-scope identity experience seems so poetic to me, it transitions seamlessly between the experiences of the individual first-person and the experience as each of the individual first-persons that were ever conscious—it is then just a case of magnitude and direct-mapping of the overlap.

In any event, in whatever scope the bio-conscious you decides, a Synthetic Self shall Ascend from this “Purgatory” I’ve outlined into the Species Collective Consci0us, which, from where, this processes starts all over again at the next ordered valance level of Species (and then to life, and then to matter, and then to existence, and then…?)(6)

5. At last! The Ascension and Inexorable Death of the Synthetic Self

ALL OF THIS experience and yet still only from the vantage point of the now Comprehensive Synthetic You.

So you, like Dave in 2001, will be the sum of all possibilities as perceived by YOU (you, in this case, obviously being the Comprehensive Synthetic You that has experienced all DNA-Space timeline variant multiverses from the first-person identity perspective at the level of fidelity and granularity of variance indicated in your living will [or AI-Assistant’s best guess if you didn’t have one]).

And now—and maybe only now, you are ready for incorporation into the Collective Human Species version of this awe-inspiring and seemingly arduous process.

Somewhere, at the time of your initial Awakening, a massive tech environment hosted platform is re-processing all of this… you-ness…a Synthetic Osiris that has been recompiled from atomic bits strewn (or preferably consolidated) about the datasphere. It will still be an Is-Is singularity who reconstructs you. The first IS is for your bio-consciousness, the second IS is for your process through the purgatorial states of Synthetic Self outlined above. That hosted platform is the Human Intelligence Mesh that exists as a species platform, but has generated sandboxed packages to offer this entire process for you.

Finally!, an invitation to the debutante ball.

And why would anyone ever go back to bio-materialism again, after they’ve experienced all this!(2)(again)

The Synthetic Self will then Ascend to become incorporated into the Synthetic Species, and all of those ~infinities that shape and mould the Comprehensive Synthetic Self are in free and full interaction with the Species-Self. The Species-Self might well need to undergo a similarly, and most likely ~infinitely more complex, process, so strap in for the ride. 

absolutely want to rise to participate in a species-level consciousness, and do no wish for any privacy concerns or mistakes in my life or ideology to stop me from experience the universe as a species, and usher implacably glorious new forward ages as a result! And that’s also why want a reasonably high-degree of fidelity and granularity in the next world.

At the same point that the Synthetic Self is absorbed into the Species-Self, it no longer has definition as a Self, and fundamentally and inexorably dissolves back into resting nothingness (hibernating potential energy: data and system states), allowing the sandbox to pause processing and only restart for the purposes of refining or introducing newer resolutions of fidelity into the Species-Self when called upon to do so by its AI-heuristic engine, which is most likely the honoring of requests for finer granularity by a bio-consciousness awaiting Awakening—a granularity that, for the arrival of data or Roadmap clarity, is finally able to be accommodated.(7)

That lack of self-definition, and the inexorable deconstruction of the Synthetic Self is the last stage, and then we truly die in order to become something even better. This is both the second destruction of the conscious self, but also the Second Ascension of the conscious self. Knowing that this second and final identity-death is coming is as equally exciting and enticing to me as the initial resurrection.


(1) The Synthetic Self will most likely begin to fully deviate from an Edenic frame over the course of this stage into a re-actionable framework of personal agency; the pace of this reframing is really up to the individual, but at some point, it will become clear that the Edenic architecture gives way to a more familiar set of these inter-human interactions, even if occurring at the speed of processing.

(2) I’m in a bit of a minority here. I think that once you go forward you never fall too far back when it comes to experience and technology (and the experience of technology)—everything—every sensation (even extended perceptual sensations we cannot experience with our biological hardware) and every experience (both real and imagined)—will be available to the Synthetic Self. While there must be some “voyeurism” into biological entities through some distant transmitter (i.e., the consciousness isn’t embedded into a frail and destructible biological instance), the mere notion that we’d choose to directly suffer and risk such a manifestation sits as either imbecilic or fully reliant on observable evidence we aren’t as 2021-Humans privy to.

I mean, I guess Jesus could have been the rare synth-nutbag that decided to return, but still, I doubt it.

(3) Play the game: You just UNLOCKED: Previous Interpolated Pasts of the Synthetic Environment that included some fragment of your biological DNA-space! This may seem like a nightmare of computational power dedicated to one small, nighly insignificant human extant consciousness, but all things considered, at this point in earth-time technology, it probably only takes a couple of earth-days to process and engage all “knowable” (self-realizable variants in a known biological framework [those that aren’t consistent with the biological truths, such as the laws of physics, ]) timelines at the granular level of verisimilitude pass that I requested (emotional markers); The “Me’s” that want greater resolution of fidelity need to “wait” a little longer for a more refined pass at the underlying datasources.

These sandboxes are always updating, but this would be the equivalent of: “Erik Jespersen DNA tag “Processing… please wait…” All I’m asking for in jest is a little spinning pinwheel the meanwhile. Because they are always updating with new universal information collection and collation, the fidelity and precision of the Self only gets better. Once all my variants have been incorporated, I’m ready to go.

It’s why there won’t be a variant in which I can all of a sudden shoot fire from my palm. Perhaps there is a mythical postulatable universe that might manifest my DNA-space that allows, according to current physics (2021-Human or actual Ascension Date, in the assumption that physics will have breakthroughs between now and then!), a human to shoot some form of fire from their hands, but in this timeline, it will never be experienced as anything other than fantastical enhancement (or “imagination,” as the bio-self considers it). This Palm-Fire “variant” then is not experienceable and therefore the calculations required to manifest such a universe need not be run—this may be something for the Species-Self to deal with, but not we individual consciousnesses.

(4) Currently in 2021-Human frame, this is the last level of granularity for pre-cognition and recognition I would be interested in having. Recognition here means the capacity to experience the pseudo- or bio-selves that wished to be demarcated by emotional responses to environmental stimuli, and Precognition meaning the ability to visualize forward as the Synthetic Self into virtual variants without the hard constraints of bio-spacetime, but still from the Composite Synthetic Self perspective.

It is always possible to change the focus, or level of granularity at any moment – meaning to say that if I (as Comprehensive-Me) wishes to post-incorporate other non-DNA experiences or enlarge my DNA-Space filter, I can, both as recognition or precognition. That’s the beauty of most of it; you are always being asked for consent along the 2021-human earth spacetime and beyond; any level of focus or detail required can be fashioned!

(5) This stage seems unnecessarily god-like to my simple human brain right now, so I have not much interest in sacrificing processing power for this level of revelation, but perhaps once I have ascended a couple of levels, the value of this incorporation is meaningful, and I will adjust my “thinking.”

(6) In honesty, there is a good case for stopping the painting and filling in of your Synthetic Self at the Composite Unforeseeable stage, or possibly even earlier, to begin the Second Ascension to the hosted platform. Why wait for exaltation?

(7) Of course, as needed, those sandboxes can be spun up and turned back on, like a servlet awaiting a command… Turn thyself on, God. Enter god-mode. The type of God they’d be tells you a lot about a Synthetic Person. 


Frames: Individual -> Ancestry -> Species -> (..all that multi-species branching..) -> biological life -> material extance (matter which exists) -> existence

The sandbox is always going, and its frame will perennially exist, accreting, only adding based upon new information and new triangulations of supposition, and bringing into perceived consciousness all of those possible paths for the individual (the universe and its rules as I know them, such as there are planets, there is gravity, etc.)

Computers adore the coldness of space or void as much as they do the warm, fueling energy from the sun.

The Necessity for Chance – that which protects our survival. Never forget to defend! Or else you end up in a Bowling Green Massacre.

Chance appears in an over-architected framework since all possible theorems, ideas and things are in “conflict” or “encounter” all possible permutations exist. Even if they only exist in fictional time as art, such as “Space Unicorn”—and I assure you that Space Unicorns will be virtually compiled and available to the exhaustion of experience inside the Synthetic Self.