Maybe you can’t wait to snap your fingers and magically appear anyplace in the world. You think it would save time, create once-in-a-lifetime opportunities, allow infinite travel you never would have considered before.

You think it will be so great to avoid fighting traffic on your commute? You’re going to be able to save up all your energy for the important things in life, right? How many times do you get all the way downstairs before realizing your reading glasses are upstairs? You’ll never get jealous of all those social media travel photos your friends always post (they’re posting just to share, not to gloat, anyway). If the photo really looks so great, you’ll just go there and check it out for half an hour. 

I’m sure you think you could see every great site, go in person to see every significant piece of art ever created. You think you’d carefully time your visit to see the Adoration of the Mystic Lamb after the long lines were escorted out but before they turned off the lights.

You’ll be at a movie, and you know something exciting is going to happen, eventually. You don’t want to miss it while you’re in the bathroom. Pop out, pop back. Pop out again because you forgot to wash your hands, pop back in. You didn’t miss anything.

Before you get too certain about what you want, remember you won’t be the only one who can do this. Do you think this amazing breakthrough somehow happens just for you? No, we’re all in this together. This is where my hatred starts to explain itself. Yeah, you can avoid that 12-second walk to the theater bathroom, but your new power doesn’t create any more toilets. 

Right now, your weak internet connection is your excuse for not talking to your parents for more than ten minutes. What would be your excuse when you can just click your heels and instantly sit in front of your Mom’s glorious pot roast? When you find yourself needing to borrow a tool, but you’ve never bothered to meet your neighbors? You know what you need is in your Dad’s garage, however far away he lives now. And do not bring your laundry over for your Mom just because you can.

Maybe you think you could live anywhere you want, but for now your employer benefits only cover in-state health insurance. Maybe someone will take all the fun out of it with fancy transporter shields. And we’re not even sure yet if you can transport with your clothes on! Do you think if you transport back and forth fast enough you’ll feel like you’re in two places at once or like you’re nowhere at all?

You’ll want to stop posting your current activity via social media. That miracle of a secluded beach sunset with the love of your life loses a little something when you’re joined by hundreds of instant arrivals wearing business suits or winter coats or duck costumes. And they’re all holding their phones high enough to post their own glorious photos, so you’ll want to move on before the friends of your friends start to materialize.

You’ll need to be cautious if you want to keep anything sacred. What happens when people find out about your favorite out-of-the-way pub? In your home away from home, you have your favorite seat and you always know when it will be the perfect level of busy. The energy in that place comes from everyone knowing the effort getting there is worth it. But what happens when the out-of-the-way location doesn’t matter, anymore? You may never find an empty seat again, and if you still want to go out, are you going to settle for that crappy bar that’s just around the corner?

Like any tech revolution, when this shit happens to us, we’ll briefly be in control of how we want to handle it. We’ll need to rethink the definition of residency, maybe even the borders of countries. We’ll have no choice but to re-learn what it means to be secure, protected, defended, alone. You know we’ll still be late half the time. We’ll need new places to hide our fear. We’ll find it harder than ever to cultivate our bias.